Crescent Moon
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About Crescent Moon  

CRESCENT MOON is a bi-annual exhibition with a Summer show and a Pre-Diwali show. It is organized for the cause of promoting women entrepreneurs and supporting NGOs who work towards empowerment of women and children!


We, at Crescent Moon, are two women entrepreneurs, a mother-daughter duo, who have decided to channel our passion, event management and social work into a constructive expression.


Our Life-Style exhibition has 74 stalls from all over India (Mumbai, Meerut, Delhi, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chandigarh) showcasing


  • Clothes - Indian, Indo- western and Western
  • Jewelry - Real and Semi- Precious
  • Fashion accessories – Bling jewelry, Bags and Shoes
  • Home artifacts – Centre pieces, Candles, Trays, Tissue boxes, Vases, Dry flowers, Furnishings, Torans and Diyas etc.
  • Gift articles – Silverware and steel items etc.
  • Other unique items –Swaroski-studded watches, Lighted flowers, Chocolates and desserts, Packaging & wrapping and Date delicacies etc.
The Crescent Moon Exhibition
What we stand for

We are basically event and exhibition conveners and we organize the reputed exhibition Crescent Moon.

This one day exhibition showcases the work of mostly woman entrepreneurs who have started businesses in their homes and have grown over a period of time through networking and acute business sense. Since these people constantly require exposure we are trying to provide them a platform to showcase their products and give them a great likeminded audience and prospective clients.


As conveners we are also providing our audience a great shopping bonanza and an exclusive shopping experience. We have tried to ensemble from all parts of the country a great professional and diverse display of clothes (Indian and indo-western), jewelry (imitation and real), fashion accessories (jewelry, bags, shoes etc) decorative items (candles, dry flowers, home artifacts and furnishings and artifacts) and gift items (stationery, chocolates etc) and festive items of the season like diyas, torans etc.


We at Crescent Moon, attempt to stand apart from the run-of-the mill exhibitions that take place so often in the city. We aim at providing an enriching and valuable experience to both exhibitors and buyers of the exhibition as it can never be a success without satisfying both.


We have set up a professional exhibition with distinctive exhibitors from all over the country and promote a strong cause to support Under-privileged women and children. We target buyers who look forward to seasonal shopping and we exhibit those products that we find unique and alluring and which we have noticed there is a huge demand for.


The primary driving force behind what we do is the following three reasons:



  • We have tried adding value to our work by supporting 2 social causes we strongly believe in: Education of under privileged children and Empowerment of women. We, at Crescent Moon, believe that children are the future of the country and education is the right way to empower them with knowledge that would help them make a future for themselves through the right choices.
    Also being two women entrepreneurs’ handling this entire exhibition we strongly believe in the woman talent, capability and skill and work towards empowerment of the lesser privileged.
    We are therefore sponsoring stalls for NGOs to sell their merchandise, collect proceeds as well as spread awareness through their products about their cause. These NGOs are primarily those, which look after the education of under privileged children and woman empowerment. Further we are also donating a good part of our earnings to these NGOs.

The list of 5 NGOs includes the following:

  • Crescent Moon is a 5 year old event at The Hotel Taj President and has always been a brilliant success for NGOs, women entrepreneurs and shoppers alike. We donated about 45% of our profits in the 1st year and doubled the amount donated in the 2nd year. Each NGO received a great exposure and response due to the large footfall at our exhibition and they were also able to raise good funds through sale of their products and were extremely happy with our organization.
  • We essentially organize this event in order to provide a platform to talented women entrepreneurs, who are the majority of our exhibitors, to showcase their products and garner publicity for their products which are uniquely available. We try to provide them an opportunity to display and sell their products and give them a great likeminded audience and prospective clients. The marketing and branding opportunities at our exhibition help them expand their client lists from a niche audience.
  • As exhibition conveners we are also providing our audience an exclusive shopping bonanza with products that are exquisite. We have tried to ensemble from all parts of the country a great professional and diverse display of clothes, jewelry, fashion and lifestyle accessories, decorative items, gift items and festive items of the season like diyas, torans etc.


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